a room of one's own

The Play

In 1928 and 1929 Virginia Woolf made two addresses - one to Girton College and one to Newnham College in Cambridge. Later she expanded her ideas into what would become an instant feminist classic: A Room of One's Own.

A blend of true anecdotes and revealing fictions, it is a devastating account of the history of women writers.  By turns heartbreaking and hilarious it is a true masterpiece of the human spirit.

It was adapted for the stage by Patrick Garland in 1989.

Our Production: An immersive experience

It's 1928 and you are invited to Girton Women's College to hear Virginia Woolf speak.

The invitation is for 7pm, when our 1920s reception will begin. There will be live music while you enjoy our cash bar and light refreshments.

Guests will be invited to explore the college - to peruse the library, read the newspapers, and poke though Virginia Woolf's quarters where her private letters and diary are kept.

At 8pm the performance will begin in the ballroom.

A ticket to the show will allow you access to our library throughout the run of the production. You are invited to sit and read some of the greatest masterpieces of the English language in one of the most beautiful houses in Toronto.

what the critics say

"Directed by Sarah Rodgers, Wright delivered Patrick Garland's one-woman adaptation of the feminist classic with conviction and an engaging flare for humour." - Times Columnist - Victoria, BC

"Using only the minimal props of water glass, notebook, carpet and podium, Wright effectively tugged the dramatic elements of the speech into an engaging story and passionate appeal."  - Times Columnist, Victoria, BC

Image by Emily Cooper